Performance Epoxy-Coat

Continuous Improvement Chemistry

The Performance Epoxy-Coat product chemistry is continuously tested and improved. We make our own materials to the highest quality standards, and make adjustments to formulas to meet real world customer needs. We get product and installation feedback from our own crews around the country. Our chemists and engineers analyze the results and make improvements to ensure the best quality in the business. Our competitors buy a basic bulk formula and don’t improve it to meet real world conditions….we do!

Experience and Reputation Matter

The Performance family of companies has almost 40 years experience in formulating and producing our own materials. We cover every aspect of advanced floor coatings and installation. From large scale industrial and commercial installations to huge sports arenas, to your home garage and patio floors, we know how to do it right. Call us anytime for information, advice, product selection and installation help

Residential & Commercial, Basement, Garage, Patio Inside, Patio Outside, Pool Deck, Wood Deck, Driveway Coatings

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