We Are The Inside-Outside Guys

By Ken Calverley and Chuck Breidenstein

DETROIT, December 2, 2021 ~ When America began to settle into the suburban land around cities after WWII, a new series of issues began to arise that no country had previously dealt with.

Our Levittown subdivisions consisted of individually owned parcels and buildings, each dependent on the other for health, safety and value preservation.

Local municipalities and governing agencies took on the responsibility of passing laws to help regulate health and safety. Homes were required to be connected to approved sanitary disposal systems and surface drainage was regulated and controlled. Setback laws were enacted to maintain minimum distances between adjoining structures and streets.

But the value consideration was left to the individual property owners.

The concern was valid since the country had ventured into the concept of densely packed homes purchased with federally insured mortgage money. If my neighbors failed to maintain their homes properly, my home may lose value.



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