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Why Insulate Your Home?

Home owners today pay hundreds of dollars in energy bills each month. Most are unaware that they have a measure of control over their home energy usage, and have opportunities to significantly reduce their heating and cooling bills. Turning lights off, reducing hot water temperature, and using dishwasher less can help, but these are relatively small benefits compared to proper insulation.

Proper home insulation can keep your energy bills down in both winter and summer, keep your house more comfortable, and keep it quieter!

According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for 50-70% of the energy used in the average American home; 20% for lighting, appliances, and heating water; and between 10-30% for everything else. Even in newer homes, adding insulation can help reduce energy bills. Unless special attention was paid to energy efficient construction methods, your insulation may not be adequate.

Energy Bills Too High?

Properly installed insulation in your home can save money on heating and air conditioning energy expenses, and over time it can pay for itself! Insulation will help make your home less drafty and create a more comfortable living environment. By insulating your home you will reduce how many times your furnace and air conditioner turn on during the day and night, thus saving you money on energy bills and prolonging the life of your heating and cooling systems.

Ace & Sons uses superior, cost-effective, recyclable products and the latest foam injection technology.

Free Financing to Qualified Customers

Saving is Simple:
Call us (888) 500-4223 to schedule an appointment for one of our insulation technicians to come to your home. Upon arrival they will analyze your home and educate you on the benefits of insulating your attic and walls and how it will deliver more comfort and save you money on your energy bills.
While the technician is at your home they will estimate the installation cost and give you a quote on the spot. NO waiting for someone to get back with you. If the savings makes sense to you, and your wish to move ahead with the insulation project, our technician will schedule your installation based on a time that is convenient for you.
When our installation is complete, a technician will return to your home with a Thermal Imaging camera to verify that the insulation has been properly installed.

Keep Your Money in Michigan. Don’t Trust an Out-of-State Franchise Warranty

Cellulose Insulation Installation

Ace & Sons uses only the highest R-value cellulose manufactured by Energy Control, Inc. In addition to its superior insulating qualities, it is flame retardant, mold resistant, and repels insects. Energy Controlâ„¢ cellulose is one of the most cost-effective insulation solutions available for walls and attics. Combined with installation methods perfected by Ace & Sons since 1981, it creates a permanent, air-tight barrier, and prevents energy loss.
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