Ayzertech Public Adjustors

When disaster strikes your home or business, your first instinct may be to call your insurance company. However, how you describe the damage can affect whether your claim will be rejected or how much you will be able to recover. Insurance policies are very complex and difficult to interpret. Juggling your insurance claim while trying to run a business or getting on with your life can be overwhelming. A public adjuster, licensed by the state, understands the insurance policies and the proper procedures for handling the claim as well as what the insurance company is obligated to pay. While the insurance company will send out an insurance adjuster to help resolve the claim, they are acting in the Insurance Company’s interests. A public adjuster will represent you.

AyzerTech Public Adjusters has been successful in negotiating residential and commercial claims of all types. They help people deal with the complex and time consuming details of the claim. When it comes time to negotiate with the insurance adjuster they go to bat for you and can make sure you collect everything you are entitled to, typically recovering multiples of the insurance company’s initial offer.

Fire, Flood, Natural Disaster, Snow, Ice, Hail, Human

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