Home and Multi-Family Remodeling Contractors in Oakland County

MI REMODELERS is your ONE STOP SHOP for residential remodeling contractors. Whether you are looking for a small project or a complete remodel, CHOOSE MI remodelers first for top quality and affordable pricing. Our trained staff of professional remodelers has decades of experience working on homes like yours. We have two offices in Oakland County, Michigan to best serve you.

We are The Integrity Guys, meaning that our highest priority is providing first-class remodeling services, and no job is complete until you are satisfied. Whether you are looking to start an interior or exterior remodeling project, we are happy to help! Call or text us today at 888 544-7366 to find out how we can make your remodeling dreams a reality.

Full-Service Interior and Exterior Remodeling Services to best suit your needs

When you consider remodeling, you will find most contractors only offer a handful of services, forcing the average client to hire multiple contractors and companies in order to get larger projects done. Why do the work of coordinating multiple contractors when you can hire one company dedicated to making sure your project is done right? At MI REMODELERS, we can handle your complete project from start to finish, leaving you with peace of mind. From the basement to the chimney and the foundation to your property line, whatever you are looking for, all of the staff at MI REMODELERS are ready to get to work.

Remodel ~ Give your property or home a face-lift

Our dedicated professionals are experience in every aspect of remodeling residential interiors and exteriors.

Design ~ Let’s nail down the details

Our experienced design team can help you capture the perfect aesthetic for your home or work area. You are part of the team!

Build ~ Build an addition or a new structure

We know the ins and outs of new construction. Our team will work from start to finish to ensure your project goes smoothly.

Repair ~ Tighten up the weak points

Identify the beginning signs of much larger problems. Our experts can address your problem areas and keep your property healthy.

Replace ~ When repair isn’t an option

Let’s replace it with something that lasts decades by getting the right materials for the job installed by our expert remodelers.

Maintain ~ The Best Solution for Multi-Unit Properties

As a full-service remodeling company, we are the perfect fit for property managers and management firms that need help keeping up their properties.

Full-Service Interior and Exterior Remodeling