SPS Glass Block

A Unique Building Material
Glass Block is a great way to add a unique look to your home or business. Glass Block has many uses ranging from outdoor solutions, such as windows, skylights, or egress well windows, to indoor decorations, like shower walls or flooring. We custom build each window to the customer’s specific size and liking. Air vents of multiple sizes are available as well as dryer vent and exhaust vent panels. Glass Block is affordable, practical and decorative.

See below to find out how Glass Block can improve security, increase privacy, save money, and add overall value to your property.

Improved Security
Thieves can force their way into a home or business by simply opening or breaking a window. Glass Block windows are strong, durable, and cannot be forced open or broken with ease.

Increased Privacy
Glass Block windows are harder to see through while still letting in enough sunlight to light a room. This makes them useful for rooms that need some extra privacy.

Basement windows can create huge drafts, which cost the home or business owner money. To prevent this unnecessary cost, we use white water mortar between each block and during installation. The white mortar creates secure and durable bond that will not only last longer, but prevent heat loss.

A Sample Of What We’ve Done

Glass Block Installation

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