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Many residential roofing materials now available in the market have improved greatly over the last decade or so. You get not just better performance, but more choices of color, design, and accenting. One thing has not changed though. The expertise of the installer will determine the overall quality and longevity of your roof. Victors Home Solutions is particularly demanding about our standards and we stand behind them with our signature Victors Roof System with a leak free guarantee. We don’t stop there either. For every residential roof we install or repair, we provide free inspection after a year to assure the roofing material is performing up to our standards.

Roof Replacement & Repair



Our work crews know each other well. We are friends, not just co-workers. To see us in action is kind of like watching worker ants that each know their function and carry it our with precision and speed. Most roofing projects are completed inside of a day. You’ve no doubt seen roofs take much longer. Our rates are attractive because of the efficiency too.


Your usual perception of a roofing project is the gaudy roll-off container that gets dropped off and who knows how long it will remain on your property, or what might get damaged by it or the delivery truck. Except for a new roof and a yard sign with us, it’s very difficult to tell that a roofing company was on your property.


You will be speaking directly with Victor, the owner, or one of our Project Managers who will usually be on site when your roofing project is being completed. Communication is essential and we pride ourselves on always being accessible when you need us.

What is Roof Maxx?

Roof Maxx is an innovative technology offering an affordable solution to shingle roof maintenance. It is a spray-on treatment that literally add years to life to shingles by restoring their flexibility & waterproofing protection. It is safe, all-natural food-grade product that is 100% safe for people, animals, property & the environment.

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