Wayne Lawn and Garden

As an integral part of the war effort during WWII, Nicholas Hermatz taught aluminum and riveting classes to men and women who would be going into the factories to build planes. Just after the war, around 1947, Nick moved on to Kaiser Fraser and helped design this Graham Page Tiller. He worked in the final production stage which meant he find tuned the machines just before they went to the factory for mass assembly. When the tiller was completed and ready for production, Nick was laid off. This fortunately had a galvanizing effect on him, and instead of wallowing in joblessness, he went out and opened his own store which sold appliances, paint, farm and garden equipment, and bets of all, his tiller! One day, a guy brought in a newfangled thing called a lawn mower and asked Nick if he could fix it. Nick boastfully said, “Of course, I can fix anything! Let me take a look at it.” And thus, Wayne Farm Equipment added the word “Lawn” to its name.

The Dealer Advantage

  • Customers who buy from Wayne Lawn & Garden (WLG) instantly become part of The Wayne Lawn Family.
  • Out highly trained service department will service all products we sell.
  • At WLG, out staff maintains a personal relationship with our customers.
  • Everything we sell comes with a warranty, new or used. Ask any of our sales people for further questions!
  • We have knowledgeable staff can answer any of your questions at ease.
  • Our parts and service division can get your down piece of equipment up and running in no time.
  • The sales personnel take what you need into consideration so that you don’t overspend for what you do.
  • Special financing on select models.
  • We accept trade-ins towards any new pieces of equipment.
  • After these trade-ins are fully inspected by our certified mechanics, they are ready for resale to any customers looking for slightly used equipment.

All these points and many more are what we like to call “The Dealer Advantage.”

Lawn and Snow Equipment, Parts, Chainsaw Service, Delivery Service, Disposal Service, Generator Service, Lawn Tractor Service, Leaf Blower Service, Pickup Service, Power Washer Service, Pre-Season Inspection, Trimmer Service, Zero-turn Service

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